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Tonsils or throat Surgery Averted by the power of God

I just want to share the awesomeness of our God with you. I joined this commission through an invitation by my brother and by then my child had been having a stubborn tonsils condition which had persisted for a long time. Most of the times the condition could worsen every time money enters my hand and mostly month end. The doctors eventually diagnosed that the condition needed a surgery and so in one of the Sundays Services, the Man of God called an altar call for the sick and I went forward and prayer was made for the child. I want to thank God because the tonsils ended there and my child is totally healed and God has saved my child from the pain of the surgery and of course the finances that could have been wasted in the surgery.

Secondly, the Man of God kept on declaring that someone will get a new job and I keyed into that prophetic declaration and God gave me a bigger job which is paying me better. I give glory to God for that. Amen

Sister Emma W.



Pain in the Left Hand Checked off

I have been having this pain in my left hand which began a few days ago now. Someone with an evil intention greeted me at the work place and imparted demonic things in it and as a result it began aching and swelling until I saw the Man of God who prayed for me in our Wednesday Service and explained prophetically what the demonic greeting was intended to do. I thank God because the hand was healed and the plan of the enemy was stopped.

Sister Purity L.


Healed of a Spinal condition and Pneumonia

Since 2013, I have been having pneumonia and very sharp pains on my spinal cord. Due to the challenge my parents took me to all manner of doctors and health centers but none of the medication was able to handle my challenge. Through one of our friends who had joined this commission last year, she invited us because the affliction was almost shattering my academic destiny. After the Sunday Service I was privileged to see the senior pastor who prayed for me and on the following day the pain reduced and after two days the pneumonia and the spinal pains died for ever. I want to thank God for doing it for me; I am now set to join the university.

Sister Mercy P.


Healed of Headache

I came to this church after travelling from my local village to finalize the necessary procedures for me to join the University but little did I know that an arrow had been fired into my head which had resulted into a very severe headache for a couple of days now. After the pastor laid his hand over me, the pain took off and I was instantly healed. I want to thank God for using this commission to impart my life in a great way.

Sister Miriam K.


Job Breakthrough

I had struggling due to lack of income because I was jobless but during our April Megafest, a prophetic word concerning me came and I believed it. I want to thank God because the same month I got a job and began working immediately. The enemy was not happy with the breakthrough and he tried causing some issues in the job to abort my testimony but God intervened and defended me. Again God is helping my family and we really appreciate God for that.

Pst. Stephen M.


Deliverance testimony

I joined this commission in April and continued to come and God began to handle my problems one by one. I had been under demonic oppression where I could have demonic dreams, be choked in the night and I could also literally be feeling a demonic personality sleeping by my side. In addition, I was working and earning good money but it could all disappear mysteriously. The oppression in my house grew worse until I began fleeing and spending at my friends’ houses because of fear but God delivered me of all these afflictions and I can now sleep peacefully and enjoy my money.

Also God healed me of ulcers after prayer was made.

Bro Mike M.


Salvation Testimony

I want to thank the God of this commission for doing wonders in my family. The Man of God gave a prophetic word in the Sunday Service that we shall receive calls and get communication that family members are surrendering their lives to Jesus Christ. I am the first born the family and I have been having a burden for the Salvation of my family members. So immediately after the service I put on the phone on the phone, I got a call and was informed that my sister had received Christ and before that evening my brother also got born again.

Amazingly, the following day our youngest brother also surrendered to Jesus and also got a stable job and I want to give Glory to God for the testimonies.

Bro. Kiragu


God gave me a Business Breakthrough

For the last two years I was working on contracts as a clinical laboratory officer and I grew tired of the situation. During our last year’s Ebenezer program, I believed God for a change of story and God did it for me by helping us to establish a family Clinical laboratory around this city. I give God all the glory for that.

Sister Carol M.


Business Expansion Testimony

I want to give this testimony to the glory of God, I have been running an Academy and I was privileged to have our spiritual father dedicate it and anoint it recently. After that God has been expanding the business and increasing His favor upon it. I received twenty new admissions which, normally does not happen this being the last term of the academic year. Again God gave me a contract of Sh. 400,000 with the government and things are working for us.

Bro. Alfred M.


Salvation Testimony

I want to thank God for sending people from this commission to do an evangelism program around where I stay. I met them and after hearing the word I received Jesus as my Lord and my Saviour. God has been good because I was an addicted drunkard and the devil had made me a slave of all manner of drugs such as cigarate, bang, Cannabis Sativa etc. but all these have been terminated by the power of God. I am grateful to God for bringing salvation to my family.

Bro Daniel N


God delivered my daughter from Satanism and devil worship

I came to this church going through hell on earth. This was because my daughter had been initiated into devil worship without our knowledge and could disappear in the night and attend demonic meetings as well as carry out demonic assignments such as causing accidents on the roads. She could also have frequent convulsions and as a result her performance in school became very poor. Since we did not know the truth then, we consulted all manner of the so called “prophets” in this city who were asking for huge amounts of money to pray for my daughter but even after giving what they asked me, my daughter’s case just got worse.

After spending over sh.500, 000 on those fake pastors, a friend directed me to this church and I was privileged to see the Man of God who prayed for her and gave us prophecies about the child. After prayer and consistently connecting to this altar, my daughter was delivered and she is now totally free and her mind restored.

Mrs. Felix M.


The Lord helped me to complete an ancient house

Sometimes back, I began building a house but was not able to finish it on time. During our Midst of the Year Conference tagged “When Zion Travails”, the Man of God gave me a prophecy and some prophetic directions. Glory to God, after following the prophetic directions, God opened financial doors for me and I got all the money that I needed to complete the house. I also connected our home with electricity and thirdly my wife had a health challenge but she is now healed by the power of God. Amen

Bro. Cheruiyot D.


A lost sister recovered by prophetic intervention

Praise the Lord Jesus; I came to this commission a month ago after being referred by a friend at work. My sister had disappeared from the family and this had really troubled and bothered us as a family for a year now. The Man of God prayed and prophetically called the name of my sister and helped me understand that my sister had been married secretly. I am here to thank God because after prayer, God compelled the husband to call us and we are now in touch with our sister. Glory be to God, Amen.

Bro. Mumeri M.